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Review: Parks and Recreation Season 4, Episode 15: “Dave Returns”

Review: Parks and Recreation Season 4, Episode 15: “Dave Returns”

Alec Lindner

I got home late  tonight and missed Parks , so I’ll just do a very short recap of the episode I missed last week and post the new review soon.

Parks‘s greatest strength is the colorful and authentic world it has built for itself in Pawnee, Indiana. What started as a show focused mainly on a small handful of characters now includes dozens of much loved citizens that populate its town and make it feel whole.

This is my way of saying I really liked “Dave Returns.” Everyone loves Dave, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see him back in Pawnee. When Dave left, Parks hadn’t really built up that world of characters yet. In addition to being a terrifically funny piece of television, “Dave Returns” also seems to bring Dave back into the world of recurring Parks characters, a world in which he’s very welcome.

The b-plot for this episode chronicles the return of another too-long dormant Pawnee citizen: Duke Silver. As he’s helping Andy record the campaign song he wrote for Leslie, he secretly slips into the fedora to sharpen the track with a sweet sax solo. If the writers ever run out of ideas for the show, they could just show Ron’s late night adventures as the Duke and still put out a show worth watching.

Overall, the return of these old friends meant a great episode of Parks and Recreation.

Grade: A



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