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Watch Star Wars with Me: Introduction

Now let's see how you HANDLE it!

Star Wars is an American institution of which I’ve never quite been a part. It’s probably the defining American movie, but I’ve never loved it as much as everyone else seemingly does. Why? What is wrong with me? I have had Star Wars on the brain lately because of all the controversy about Lucas’s re-editing of the films, something I find deplorable, not particularly because I feel strongly about the films, but because I feel that any film is a complete piece of art when it is released, and forcing viewers to watch changed versions distorts that art. So, in honor of this great American tradition, and in an attempt to discover what exactly I’ve been missing, I’m going to watch each Star Wars and tell you dumb motherfuckers what I think about them. I’ve decided to watch the oft-maligned prequel trilogy first, since the director intended for the films to be viewed this way. I think this will be the most interesting part of the recaps, both because I really don’t have an opinion on these films yet (I haven’t seen Phantom in probably twelve years, I saw Clones and Sith only during their theatrical runs) and because these films arouse such violent hatred from fans; I think it’ll be fun to find out what exactly went wrong. For the Original Trilogy, I’ll be watching the Star Wars Despecialized Editions, a set of fan edits that return the films to their original cuts, to get the purest viewing experience, and I’ll follow all of this with a conclusion (and maybe a little something-something about Spaceballs, a movie as important to my childhood as Star Wars is to most peoples’). Throughout this experience, I’ll both try to judge whether the series as a whole deserves its classic status and to find out what exactly I’ve been missing all these years. So join me on this magic space adventure, and may the force be with you.

See you space cowboys,


edit: I’ll also try to get Nate, a true blue Star Wars fan, in on this.


6 thoughts on “Watch Star Wars with Me: Introduction

  1. nathan1138 says:

    I don’t know… That’s a pretty controversial choice, not starting from Episode IV. Plus you will probably have a bad taste for the originals after the prequels.

      • nathan1138 says:

        Apparently so. Although I think our blog has more in common with the third greatest Batman movie ever made, “Boogie Nights.”

      • nathan1138 says:

        Also, thank you for being the first person to like our Facenovel fan page that I do not actually know!


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