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The Fiber-Optic Bandwagon: That’s Right, We’ve Joined Twitter

This will be us in a few moments. I’ll be played by Jean Ralphio.

– Nathan

Hello everyone out there in Internet-land, this is Alec and Nathan’s Incredible Pop-Culture Weblog. As part of our continued plan to slowly dominate every facet of your life and control every communication venue in existence, we’ve joined the twitter-verse. Which means we will now be filling your life with lots of tiny-url links and mundane statements and possibly hash-tags like #yolo and #firstworldproblems. That’s about it. Short posts, I know, I’m not a fan of them either. But anyway, you should increase our self-esteem and decrease your sadness level by following us.


As Marc Maron would say,  DO IT.

Updated: We have two followers on twitter, one of which is Nathan Rabin, the excellent writer from The A.V. Club. Nathan, if you’re reading this, our fanboy hearts are squealing right now.



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