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Concert Review: Tennis

Editor’s Note: We’d like you all to give a warm welcome to new contributor Patty Greer, who will be covering concerts and such for us. Check out her first piece, about a brush with the band Tennis, below.

By Patty Greer

Tennis was on the bill to play a late-night set this past Thursday from 11:15 to 12:45 at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville. This was without a doubt the best news I could receive considering they’re one of my favorites. In addition, I had work 30 minutes away from Nashville that night. So Thursday came around, I got off work, went home, and then headed to Nashville. My roommate and I got to the Mercy Lounge a little past eleven and walked our whiskey-warm bodies up to the box office. Before I whipped out the seven dollars, I asked the clerk if Tennis had gone on yet. You know what I got in response?

“Oooh… They played at 9:45. They wanted to go on earlier..”

As a big-time Tennis fan, I didn’t take this very well. First and foremost, the venue really should have posted this information on their website, considering Tennis was the evening’s headliner. After throwing a mild temper tantrum as I walked out the door, we headed to Taco Bell to drown our sorrows in quesadillas and Baja Blasts. As we waited in the drive-thru I crafted a tweet informing Tennis how let down I was that I didn’t see them that night. Almost immediately, I received a tweet back from Alaina Moore of Tennis telling me to come back to the venue, how sorry she was I wasn’t informed of the set change, and that she had presents for me. Immediately we drove right back to the Mercy Lounge.

Alaina came outside to meet us and went right in for a hug, continuously apologizing, since apparently we weren’t the only fans that missed out on the set that night. As we walked up the stairs she took us over to the merch table and gave us two of their records on vinyl. Then she took us back to the band and crew room to meet the rest of the band and finish off her game of pool. As she introduced us to her band mate and husband, Patrick, he handed over drink tickets and sent us off to join the fun. Once we were all together they explained that this isn’t the first time on this tour they’ve had some issues with venues and set times. We all continued to chat, and being a Music Business major I had more than enough many questions about their tours and experiences. The two were more than happy to answer and discuss their trials and success. It was so refreshing to see two people who genuinely care about their fans and would go this far to ensure they made up for us missing the set.

They spilled the beans that their new album would be out sometime between this April/May, and that they would be back in Nashville soon enough. I know for certain I’ll be there on time for their next show. I’m still in awe from the hospitality and all-around good natured-ness they provided that Thursday evening. I also still feel a little snobby for that tweet, but so unbelievably glad I sent it.



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