Turkey, Taxi Driver, and Tommy Wiseau: 46 Cinema-Related Things I’m Thankful For

By Nathan Smith

If you read this site, you should know that I love the cinema. It’s impossible to explain the impact that the movies as a whole have had on me as a person, and it might not even be worth spending the time attempting to. Since we’re in a season of thankfulness right now, I thought it would be fitting to do one of my first posts in awhile about a few movie-related things I’m thankful for. I’ve been very busy with college and the like, so posting has been a bit low lately, but every once in awhile it’s good to reflect on a topic such as this. Without the movies, I don’t know if I would be here.

On another note, I’d also like to thank you, our readers, for keeping us going. It means more than I can say. So, here’s a list of 46 cinema-related things I’m thankful for.

1) Owen Wilson’s nose.

2) The way Wallace Shawn’s food dribbles down his chin in My Dinner with Andre.

3) Food in general, specifically-

a) I Am Love

b) Yi Yi

c) The Godfather

d) GoodFellas

e) A Christmas Story

3) Chris Marker’s love of cats.

4) Some people’s love of pets in general. (Gates of Heaven)

5) The way Mark Wahlberg sings in Boogie Nights.

6) How almost every movie featuring Greta Gerwig is her falling down constantly. (Frances Ha)

7) The opening of Taxi Driver.

8) The ending of Holy Motors.

9) Antoine Doinel’s unbroken run in The 400 Blows.

10) Intellectual montage. (October)

11) Training montages. (Rocky IV)

12) Montages in general. (Day For Night)

13) The graphic genius of Saul Bass.

14) Cameron Fry. (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

15) The soundtrack to Top Gun.

16) The Theme From Shaft

17) Texas filmmakers, specifically

a) Richard Linklater (Slacker)

b) Eagle Pennell (The Whole Shootin’ Match)

c) Terence Malick

18) Pixar (Geri’s Game)

19) Breaking the fourth wall. (Annie Hall)

20) Paul Giamatti (Sideways)

21) Meryl Streep (The Deer Hunter)

22) Nicolas Cage (Moonstruck, Vampire’s KissCon Air, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call- New Orleans)

23) Kurt Russell (Escape From New York)

24) Tom Waits (Down By Law)

25) Bill Murray (Coffee & Cigarettes)

26) Meg Ryan (When Harry Met Sally…)

27) Werner Herzog (Burden of Dreams)

29) Mr. Hulot (M. Hulot’s Holiday)

30) Klaus Kinski’s face (Aguirre: The Wrath of God)

31) Musicals, specifically-

a) West Side Story

b) 1776

c) Mary Poppins

32) Bad weather. (Singin’ in the Rain)

33) After bad weather. (The Muppet Movie)

34) Stop-motion. (The Fantastic Mr. Fox)

35) The documentaries of Louis Malle. (Vive Le Tour)

36) The time I saw Children of Paradise and I was the youngest person in the theater by 5 decades.

37) Tommy Wiseau’s way of looking at the world. (The Room)

38) Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

39) “mumblecore” (The Puffy Chair)

40) Black and white (Wings of Desire)

41) Friendship (Miami Connection)

42) The Criterion Collection

44) This. (Killer of Sheep)

43) Every time I’ve cried watching E.T.

45) Roger Ebert

46) Star Wars



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