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Smash Cuts: rock the yacht

miami vice-1

At one time or another, we’ve all wanted wealth. While listening to Todd Terje’s new and aptly-titled album It’s Album Time, I was mesmerized by many richly-colored mental montages of the upper-class. This led me to think about “yacht rock,” that Southern California sound popularized by artists like Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggins, and Toto. Both of these things in mind, I thought I’d share my pre-vaporwave capitalist fantasies with you, in the form of our weekly Smash Cuts playlist. Acceptable activities to carry out while listening to this playlist include but are not limited to: spooning caviar onto Ritz crackers at the Ritz-Carlton; sinking cruise ships off the coast of Croatia; binge-watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on Betmax; buying out biotech companies whose products you can’t pronounce; bequeathing a collection of priceless LaserDiscs to your stepson; putting puppet regimes into power in small Caribbean islands; attending a Miami Vice LARP camp; acquiring an entire endangered species for your mountain-house menagerie; carving various household appliances out of lone blocks of gold; taking out the recycling.



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