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smash cuts: beneath the bleachers


Right now we’re in that weird spot where, depending on your age and location, some of your friends are in school and some aren’t. The summer’s always been a strange time for me that usually entails a lot of hanging out with myself. Not to say that I don’t hang out with other people, but generally, I spend a lot of time on my own attempting to recharge my batteries. Generally this can be a good thing, because there’s only so much of other people I can take, but it also leads to a ridiculous amount of introspection and self-reflection. This introspection and self-reflection, in turn, leads to some form of nostalgia, or at least heavy rumination regarding the past. Every time the year ends I get somewhat sad, generally because I’m bad at goodbyes (even brief ones) and because of all the movies I’ve seen, I expect more finality than I ever get. But I also get a little sad because I think back to my “younger” days. This playlist was born from some of that sadness. I had a pretty good high school experience compared to a lot of people, but everyone deals with their share of teen angst, even though I do feel like teen angst is largely a phenomenon  invented to sell records.

While a lot of this shoegazing, post-punking, riot grrling, generally dope and gangly AF “not-another-teen-angst” playlist stems deeply from the experiences of teenager’s emotions, I’d like to think that the music on here transcends that time. So much of the popular media teenagers devour during their most vulnerable points doesn’t really stand on its own later, so I tried to pick music that does. Additionally, a lot of this music isn’t what I actually listened to while I was in high school. While I did love The Clash, The Cure, Modest Mouse, and more, and I at least knew about some of the other bands on here, I don’t think I was nearly this hip in high school.

But then again, I think once you get older, you realize there’s not really any such thing as “cool,” at least where people are concerned. I’d like to think that this playlist could help kids realize that. So check it out, man.



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