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smash cuts: summertime yamz


Summertime, when the livin’ is cheesy. So that’s why our Spotify Smash Cuts super secret special playlist is filled with HECKA cheesy music this week, not to mention funky music. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Lyte Funkie Ones, 7 Days of Funk- it’s got all the funk you need to kick the summer off right. But not to fear- the playlist has quote-unquote “Good Music” too, plus the latest from folks like Mac Demarco, Tobacco, and more. We’ve also got more songs with the word “summer” in the title than there are beads of sweat on your back during the hottest day in August. So get down with that summer sound, break out the bomb pops, sit by the pool but don’t get in the water, do whatever you like, because the pavement is hot, the fire hydrants are full, and the tunes are dope as can be. And that’s the quintessential truth, Ruth.



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