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smash cuts: rain check

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Another effect of Nathan’s vacation: I had to do the art. Sorry the font isn’t what we usually use for playlists, but I hope you enjoy my MS Paint ability.

By Jack Evans

Well, Nathan (if you forgot, he’s the fellow who generously lets me write for this site) is on vacation. That means two things: one, that aside from Kids’ Stuff and (maybe) What We Watched, pretty much everything here for the next week and a half will be coming from yours truly (and that includes smash cuts, Track of the Week, and, hopefully, a new feature I’m planning to launch on Monday, at least); and two, that he’s a lucky guy, touching down in sunny – according to my weather app – Northern California today, while I spend most of the day indoors, riding out the weather in dreary Knoxville. If the weather is drizzly for you too and you’re not doing one of the awesome things you could be doing indoors today, like listening to the new Braid record or catching up on HBO’s appropriately bleak The Leftovers, then maybe you’re just vibing with the weather. If that’s the case, here’s a playlist for you, comprising delicate, rainy, bleak, dreary, hazy, thunderous or otherwise weather-appropriate music for every phase of your storm system.



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