Music, Playlist

smash cuts: mustard or pants


By Nathan Smith

Considering that I ride or die for rap more than any other genre, it’s strange that I haven’t delivered a strictly rap playlist to you guys yet. To repent for the error of my ways, I’ve decided to cleanse myself in the mustard and offer up 20 of the past several years’ best booty-shaking bangers. From Young Thug to YG, “Dipshits” to “Move That Dope,” no beat is too fat, no chain too low . You say “Jump in da paint,” I say “How hard?” Get ready to go to death row, because it’s about to be a Suge Night, and you’re not going back to your old life neither. Don’t worry. We’ve got sadboy bangers too.

And yes, I did put Cam’ron & A-Trak’s “Dipshits” on here twice, because it’s just that good.



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