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smash cuts: million mile drive


By Nick Kivi

Summer is a nice time and all, but it’s never been my favorite. All of my summer memories seem to be filtered in a sepia tone, maybe from the spectral vapor that oozes off the pavement when it can’t seem to get any hotter. Reality seems clearer in the fall and winter; I’m more appreciative of all the good things. Last night I felt the chill of a northern wind for the first time in many months, like a signal fire for whoever flips the switches on these sorts of things. Summer is beginning to show weakness once again…

I apologize for starting off strong here and then abruptly vanishing. I’ve been living out on Long Island working at a lab, trying my best to further mankind’s knowledge (but in all likelihood probably hindering it). Now that my East Coast cavalcade is over, it’s time to make my way back the places where my heart beats heaviest: Michigan and Tennessee. This playlist is mostly to accompany myself in the some 1800 miles through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Out of devotion to Smash Cut, I present it to you. It’s a scatter plot of genre and period, as I tried to account for how fickle and temporary my taste can be at any given moment on the road. There’s Beach Fossils, Thelonious Monk, Steve Reich, Yuck, and plenty of others. I have the luxury of having to drive home, but if the crippling heat has you locked inside with cabin fever, go ahead and grab your keys. I won’t tell. We’re in for quite a drive.



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