Music, Playlist

smash cuts: feelin good again


By Nathan Smith

As of today, my sophomore year of college has been in session for one week. The stress hasn’t kicked into high-gear yet, but it will soon; I’m taking 16 hours of coursework (5 classes in total) and 3 of my classes have extra sessions in addition to their normal meeting times. I’m living with someone I don’t know in an apartment I’m still not completely used to, and overall, the experience of becoming an adult- or at least pretending to become one- is pretty weird. As you might have noticed, my schoolwork has prevented me from engaging with the activities that keep me sane, namely watching movies and writing for this site, but there’s one thing that helps make the day a little bit easier to swallow: music. Whether I’m hanging out with friends, writing papers, or walking to class, music helps fill the various voids that the stress of school leaves. We’ve had education-themed playlists in the past, but I’d like to think this one doesn’t just have to apply to college kids- it’s just about feeling good and leaving your worry behind. So let the music melt your troubles away.



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