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Best of 2014: Seventeen Slept-On Singles

By Nathan Smith

My original intention with this list was to simply name the best songs of the year, but that grew quickly out of hand, and besides, a lot of the tracks on it were ones you’d probably heard before or seen on someone else’s list. So I decided to comb through the list and pick some of the most slept-on, underrated, and overlooked, in an attempt to get you to do otherwise. We often forget that “Best of” season is, in essence, a way to point out music that the reader might have missed or looked over, so that became my intention more than anything else. No rankings, just songs. Seventeen might seem like an odd number, but every listicle needs a little variation from the last, and I think “Seventeen Slept-On Singles” sounds kind-of nice. When I die, they’ll remember that no matter what the cost, I did it for the alliteration.

1. Alcest – “Opale”

2. Antwon (feat. Sad Andy) (prod. Suicideyear)- “Don’t Care”

3. CEO – “Whorehouse”

4. Colleen Green- “Pay Attention”

5. CrashPrez- “Thom Yorke is Black”

6. Dean Wareham- “Holding Pattern”

7. Jessie Ware- “Cruel”

8. Juce- “Call You Out”

9. Kittyhawk – “Vaudeville”

10. Little Big League – “Year of the Sun House”

11. Modern Baseball – “Your Graduation”

12. Prawn – “Why You Always Leave a Note”

13. Ricky Eat Acid – “In My Dreams We’re Almost Touching”

14. Saint Pepsi- “Fiona Coyne”

15. Shamir- “If It Wasn’t True”

16. Swetshop Boys (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)- “Benny Lava”

17. Wave Racer- “Streamers”



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